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Latest Weekly Bundle From Humble Is Very Roguelikeable

Hope you're ready for another round of randomly generated monster-infested dungeons full of permadeath, wizards, lizards, guns and ammo, and... all that good roguelike stuff. You are? Awesome! Then be sure to check out the latest weekly from bundle veteran, Humble, as it's full of that stuff. Full, I say. Full! A grand total of six very different games lined up, across three different price tags. Groovy.
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This Week, Humble Bundles Games Made In Japan

It's been almost six months since Groupees last put up one of their awesome doujin bundles, so the latest weekly from Humble couldn't have come at a better time. Packing everything from crazy comical adventures to side-scrolling action, a fast-paced SHMUP collection and more good stuff, this one's definitely... made in Japan!
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Humble Bundle of Love Has Lots of Great Games, Supports Cancer Research

I remember when bundles were considered big if they discounted 5-6 games in a pay-what-you-want sale. Nowadays it's all beat-the-average and whatnot, with bundles growing ever bigger, and this one... has a lot of great titles. A LOT! It's for a proper good cause too, since "all proceeds will go directly to the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief fund". Suck it, cancer!
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Humble Drums Up IndieCade Support With a Groovy Weekly

Like clockwork, Humble's back with another weekly bundle. Now, unlike last week's outing, this one focuses entirely on indie games… with a twist of IndieCade. Makes sense, seeing how this particular festival is kicking off tomorrow (the 14th)! Shame I won't be able to attend, seeing how it takes place ~4,000 miles from where I live. But alas, that's besides the point… this is about cheap indie games!
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