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Steam Greenlight is Dead! Long Live Steam Direct?

As foretold, June 13 is upon us, and with it, the end of Steam Greenlight. In its place we find Steam Direct, Valve's new system for submission curation on their digital store. Not gonna lie, I am actually hopeful that this is going to improve the groovy-to-rubbish ratio on Steam additions, even if it does seem like... just about anything goes. Anything that's both playable and isn't harmful in any way, that is. Oh, and no pornographic content, and a couple of other things. Still, just about anything seems to go?
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Greenlight’s Days Are Officially Numbered and Can Almost be Counted On One Hand

I know. I couldn't believe it myself either when I read the news, but it's true: come June 13, almost five years (August 30, 2012) later, Greenlight will be but a thing of the past. While I have been a long-time supporter of the system, in spite of its flaws, honestly… even I believe this to be good news. Mostly due to the amount of absolute rubbish that has dominated submissions in recent weeks, and as such, here's to Steam Direct, its successor, faring significantly better. Time will tell if that ends up being the case.
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Thoughts on the Steam Direct Fee Reveal and Upcoming Store Changes

Like a lot of other people, I too have been sceptical regarding the Greenlight replacement, Steam Direct, ever since the original announcement. How will it be curated, if at all? How much will each submission cost? When will the switch be flicked to shut down Greenlight, and will Steam Direct be put into motion immediately following said event? A lot of questions and only a handful of answers. Or only one, rather: the submission fee, and quite frankly… their decision is both good and bad.
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Thoughts on Greenlight and the Reveal of Its Successor, Steam Direct

Believe it or not, this year, Greenlight actually turns five. That's right, Valve's attempt at creating a better curation system for game additions to the store section of Steam has been around for close to five years now. Won't be around for a sixth, though, as its replacement was announced just the other day. "Finally", some might say, and honestly, I'm inclined to agree, for so many reasons.
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