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Not Enough Steam Reviews! July ’17 Edition

Woo! First of these in 2018… covering stuff added to Steam in 2017. Because that’s how Not Enough Steam Reviews! works. I know, it’s strange, but it does make sense. As for whether my picks also add up, well, only one way to find out (hint: keep reading).

Brief reminder: no Early Access, no Virtual Reality – what else? Oh, and less than 10 user reviews on the day I go through the lot (which is also when this article is published). May seem odd, but if your game hasn’t broken into double-digit review numbers after six months, something’s wrong. Somewhere. Anyway, my pick(s) are as follows…

Slime-san: Main Trailer!

Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken ($3.99)
“Yet another pixel art 2D platformer”? Not really, although I did think just that throughout a good portion of its trailer… and then the feature list came flooding in. Plus, how can you not love that art style/music combination?

Cloudbase Prime Launch Trailer

Cloudbase Prime ($9.99)
Shooting, jumping, terrain manipulation and robots – the complete package! But seriously, in spite of getting a major ‘what the heck is happening?’ during most of this trailer, I absolutely love what I saw. Everything just looked so… smooth and fun.

Tricone Lab Trailer

Tricone Lab ($9.99)
Repeat after me: D-N-A! D-N-A! D-N–what? It’s a… genetics puzzler! I think. Whatever the case, it does feature a very unique concept; one that’s very likely to make my head spin – in a good way – too. Then again, maybe this’ll be the one genre entry I won’t be awful at (yeah… right).