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Not Enough Steam Reviews! January ’18 Edition

I know what you’re thinking and no, you’re not seeing double. For some reason Valve decided to put every month twice on the graph… at some point between the last time I screenshotted it and just now. Weird stuff, but ah well – it doesn’t take away from the fact that there are still games with criminally low review counts on Steam, after six months. Oh, and we’re in 2018 now, so let’s hear it for the January 2018 edition of Not Enough Steam Reviews!

As always, no Early Access, no Virtual Reality – what else? Oh, and less than 10 user reviews on the day I go through the lot (which is also when this article is published). May seem odd, but if your game hasn’t broken into double-digit review numbers after six months, something’s wrong. Somewhere. Anyway, onto my pick(s).

Scrapper Gameplay Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

Scrapper ($9.99)
Who’s in the mood for some fast-paced, chaotic, and – based on the trailer – pretty relentless 6DoF fun? Might end up making me rage quit after a while, but eh, that’s a chance I’m willing to take! Plenty to see and do at least – even more so for the competitive sort, bragging rights being a thing and all. What’s the point of being the best if you can’t show off, after all?