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OrangePixel Is Doing a Bit of Remastering With New Versions of ‘Stardash’ and ‘INC’

If you’ve been a fan of indie games for the last half decade or so, chances are you’ve played one of OrangePixel’s many creations: Gunslugs, Space Grunts, Meganoid, Groundskeeper2, Ashworld and loads more intriguing titles have come to be over the years. Suffice to say, this is one busy one-man studio, but these past few weeks it seems he’s more focused on bringing back a couple of oldies with updates to Stardash and INC (both originally dating back some seven years). Very groovy.

The first of these, Stardash, is essentially a GameBoy-esque runner, in which your ability to run, jump, grab coins and avoid various hazards will be put to the test. Oh, and we mustn’t forget about the incredibly chippy tunes (aka. chiptunes)! Chiptunes are awesome. They really are. This is also the first time Stardash (and INC: The Beginning, actually) is available outside the realm of Android and iOS, this 2018 remaster hitting Windows, OS X and Linux too. Doesnt’ get much better than that, folks.

Or maybe it does? INC: The Beginning may have a bit of a grim backstory, humans pretty much having been all but replaced by robots… and only you can, well, save whoever remains… human? I think. Something along those lines anyway. Not that it matters a whole lot as focus is, once again, on the gameplay, and for good reason. Those familiar with other OrangePixel titles – such as Gunslug – should feel right at home here, based on the trailer below, as all the runnin’ and gunnin’ seems quite similar to that of those. Which is a good thing, as I had a lot of fun getting absolutely destroyed by the opposition. Good times.

Anyway, two remasters on the cheap, updated to work on modern Android and iOS devices, as well as… I did mention both finally getting a desktop release, right? Right. Nothing more to say then! Take a glance at the trailers below to see both titles in action, explosions aplenty.

Stardash is available on itch.io, Google Play and iTunes, carrying a $2.99 price tag.

Stardash – remastered 2018 release trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

INC: The Beginning is available on itch.io, Google Play and iTunes, carrying a $2.99 price tag.

INC:The Beginning – remastered 2018 trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.