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MAGS July Carries a “Shocking” Theme For Aspiring Adventure Makers of All Ages


Looks like we’re moving on from summer stuff with this month’s MAGS. Unless of course… thunder storms? Yeah, suppose those could be part of this overly sunny season, and heck, there’s probably a way to fit one under the “Shocking” theme. So there ya go. Just remember to have it submitted by the end of the month, and don’t forget to go out and enjoy the summer. What little remains, anyway. Winter is coming!

But… that’s MAGS July. What about MAGS June? It did bring about no less than five(!) interesting titles after all, each of which are linked to below with details. Because details matter!

Groundhog (Slasher)
“Bill Rutherford is an ordinary eight-to-five type guy. He works in a local bank doing a job that he finds rather stuffy. He is single and hopes that one day he will meet the girl of his dreams. He does not know it yet, but he is about to step into something mysterious that will change his life…forever.”
He goes to the Silver Caf’e for coffee when he bumps into Carol and it is instant attraction.
The idea of the game is to get to know Carol in as few days as possible. You do this by guessing her favorite things such as drink, food, song etc etc.
You need to get all subject options correct to go to the next scene….. failure of any subject dialog option will make you relive the day again.
Will Bill get the girl and most importantly, how many days does he need to relive before he does?

To the Mountains of Madness (Mandle)
In the frozen wastes at the bottom of the world lies the salvation for all mankind.
Four members of the secret society “The Wardens At The Threshold” set out to save the world from the return of The Great Old Ones in this Lovecraftian nightmare.
Ummmm… Literally!!! They just set out to save the world… That’s all they do!!!

Ice in the Air (Cassiebsg)
Charly has just been told he needs to play outside as long as the weather is good. However what he wants is to go back in and play on his computer, since all his friends are on vacation.

Comet Collision (VampireWombat)
Guide your planet to salvation.

Don’ Ice your Cool (Hobo)
Whew… Last minute, untested, lots of bugs probably.