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Teleport Between Cubes by Dancing With Your Fingers in Upcoming ‘JUMPGRID’

Finally. Job’s done, and now it’s time to head back home, in that somewhat fancy experimental craft of yours. Just one small problem though: it’s only capable of moving by teleporting between fixed points on the “jump-grid”, and your ship will not survive contact with any of the many moving obstacles on each grid. Quite the pickle, this JUMPGRID.

Like Boson X, Action Painting Pro, Jelly Juggler and Dissembler before it, Ian MacLarty’s latest is most certainly in the realm of minimalism, and if prior creations are any indication, that’s a good thing. A really good thing. Those four provided genuinely groovy bite-sized entertainment, which looks to be exactly what JUMPGRID will also bring – with a level of challenge on par with Boson X, I’d wager.

Pilot an experimental craft through a cosmic obstacle course.

While that last bit means I might never reach the credits, I am still very much looking forward to teleporting between squares/cubes on the so-called “jump-grid” across its 100+ levels. That said, For those more skilled and/or patient than me, the game will feature not only leaderboards, but also a speedrun mode, expanding its staying power for that particular crowd infinitely. Me, I’ll stick to pushing towards the finale, enjoying its funky tunes as I keep telling myself that I’ll figure out the pattern in that one pesky level… real soon.

JUMPGRID will be on Steam soon, with a TBD price tag.


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