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Today’s Greenlight Escapees Bring Music, Strategy, Metal, Aquatic Exploration


Remember what happened approximately two weeks ago? Of course ya do: Valve pushed seventy-five titles through Greenlight… and now they’re at it again! Same number, lots of games, mixed batch, variety’s the spice of Greenlight. Or something. Ya know?

Now this is what I’m talking about! Three limbo picks are now en route to Steam: Aeon Command, Metal Dead: Encore and Morphopolis. About darn time! Oh and thanks to everyone who voted. That said, there are plenty other great games in this batch too I somehow doubt anyone’s surprised that FIST OF AWESOME spent less than a week on Greenlight though – darn thing’s madly popular, and… crazy. As in, completely bonkers. I mean, its Greenlight page starts with “Ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH?“. Can’t say that’s something I’ve ever wanted to do. At least, not in real life, but in a video game? Sure!

Anyway, while a Greenlight batch of this scope is a joyous occasion, let’s not forget about the games that didn’t make it… again. As such, why don’t ya pay a visit to my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo picks? They’re titles I’d like to see on Steam for several reasons, including additional exposure. So be sure to check those, prior to browsing the list of 75. Remember, your vote matters. It really does! Oh and as always, the list below consists of my ‘keep an eye on these’ recommendations.