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[Update: Greenlit] Stuck In Greenlight Limbo: ‘Metal Dead: Encore’

Metal Dead: Encore

This time the spotlight will be shining on Metal Dead: Encore, sequel to the over-the-top comedy/horror adventure Metal Dead. Let’s see if we can’t help it escape the cold emptiness of Greenlight limbo, eh?

The seaside village of Rodeo is usually a peaceful place to live… but once a year the Hoofs and Horns heavy metal festival rolls in and makes a hell of a lot of noise. Things get even noisier when an evil genetically mutated landshark bent on world domination escapes a research facility and rampages into town. You read correctly – a friggin’ landshark… with the ability to infiltrate dreams and turn its victims into members of its own ever-growing ravenous undead army!

Wow. Seems they’re going for an even more insane trip with the sequel, and on top of that, the zombies are back for more; something I’m sure they (the undead) would appreciate, given the ability to do so. I have a feeling Malcolm is less enthusiastic about the whole thing though. Well, him and his friend Ronnie, that is, who, by the way, is… a detached head. Yup. We’ve already got zombies and a mutated landshark – might as well go completely nuts! Oh and “every copy of Metal Dead: Encore will come with a free copy of the original Metal Dead”, which is great news for those looking to catch up, come launch. Needless to say, if you’re anything like me, a nonsensical point ‘n’ click like this is should rank highly on your video game watch (and wish) list.

So riddle me this, dear reader: why is Metal Dead: Encore still struggling to get through Greenlight? It’s not out quite yet, but at least there’s a release date/window of Q3 2014. As such, if you haven’t done so already, might I recommend visiting its Greenlight page and handing over a ‘yes’ if you like what you see? Remember: your vote matters!

Metal Dead: Encore PAX Teaser