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‘Heavy Metal’, ‘Glowfish’, ‘Musical Destruction’ and More Pushed Through Greenlight


Another seventy-fiver? Well… why not, right? And unlike its precursor, this batch actually has more than a few potentially great games in it, including two Greenlight limbo escapees: Metal Dead and The Maker’s Eden. Awesome, eh? You bet ya!

If nothing else, Valve certainly put together quite the mix of games with this one, as it packs rhythm-based shooting, pointy clicking, perspective switching, shadow play and much more fun stuff. That said, as always, a handful of rather odd submissions also made it through, but I guess that could be chalked up to personal preference, ya know? Speaking of which, one of the more original games I’ve come across in quite some time made it through. That’s right: Lumini just got greenlit!

Also, while a Greenlight batch of this scope – like the previous – is a joyous occasion, let’s not forget about the games that didn’t make it… again. As such, why don’t ya pay a visit to my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo picks? They’re titles I’d like to see on Steam for several reasons, including additional exposure. So be sure to check those, prior to browsing the list of 75. Remember, your vote matters. It really does! Oh and as always, the list below consists of my ‘keep an eye on these’ recommendations.