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Thirty Games Now Celebrating Successful Greenlight Campaigns


Hmm… Twenty-four, twenty-nine, and now thirty. So Valve can’t count to three, but they can go higher? Anyway, this latest batch is definitely a mixed bag, with some truly great titles, and a few somewhat less-than-stellar.

Ever since I started my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo series, I’ve been matching escapees against my list, and this time thirteen titles were able to leave it, thanks to community votes! Still a lot to go though, with some (more than a hundred) having set up camp on the service more than a year ago; not cool.

But I’m sure those will make it through sooner or later – especially at the rate Valve’s pushing them through. Kinda wish they’d be less random in their picks for each batch though. On the other hand, since a few personal favorites finally made it through, guess I shouldn’t be too picky or annoyed that a few ‘meh’ titles also slipped through the cracks (no, I won’t name and shame).

Quite frankly, games like J.U.L.I.A. Enhanced Edition and Steam Marines should have made it months ago, but – at least they’ve done it now! I’d also like to think this had something to do with TowerClimb finally being able to leave Greenlight behind. Or maybe not. We’ll never know! Aside from all that and in the midst of all this champagne popping celebration, we mustn’t forget that a lot of games still need votes to escape Greenlight limbo. Hey Valve, how about less mods and more games next time, eh?


Anyway, here’s the list of the lot that made it earlier today, with the date at which they were added to Greenlight; because, why not? Time for developers to celebrate and fans to prepare their wallets!