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Latest Greenlight Escapees Total An Impressive Twenty-Four


While twenty-four may not be as impressive as one hundred, but it’s still a lot of games. It seems Valve are (finally) getting the hang of pushing sizeable batches through the service, which is good news for, well, everyone! Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going, as we check out this latest batch.

I decided to match this list against those for my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo article series, and the results were pleasant to say the least: exactly one-third of this batch were in it. That’s eight less picks for those articles, thank goodness, for those of you keeping track at home. I like it! But enough of that. Today’s games-gone-green include everything from racing to RPG, FPS, SHMUP, platformer and heck, there’s even one or two that don’t really fit into any one genre… my favorite kind!


However great this is, as always, there are still a lot of games in need of votes. With several new titles joining Greenlight every week, that’s pretty much inevitable. Although if Valve keep this up, that number might soon hit a lovely all-time low (ah, one can dream). For now, here’s the list of the lucky few (or 24, rather) that made it through earlier today. Time for developers to celebrate and fans to bust out their wallets!