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Twenty-Nine Games Are No Longer Stuck In Greenlight Limbo


You know, I never tire of writing about greenlit games. Last time, twenty-four made it through, and now… twenty-nine! Seems Valve are pushing them through at a constant rate (remember the stress-tester?) now, which is great for both developers and fans.

Ever since I started my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo series, I’ve been matching escapees against my list, and this time seven titles were able to leave it, thanks to community votes! Still a lot to go though, with some having set up camp on the service more than a year ago; not cool.

But let’s focus on the October 2nd Batch of Greenlight Titles instead; the games, that is. I’m sure Shade 3D Basic, Mosaico – Tiling Window Manager and Comicado are also interesting and all, but I don’t cover software. To say that the contents of this latest batch is varied would be a massive understatement. RPG (solo and MMO), FPS, strategy, tower defense, racing, horror and more – is any one genre not amongst these 30 games, I wonder? Heck, there’s even a skyscraper sim!


Keep in mind however, that a lot of games still need votes to escape Greenlight limbo. Twenty-four last time, twenty-nine this time – what’s next, a lovely fifty? Ah, surely one can dream. Anyway, here’s the list of the lot that made it earlier today, with the date at which they were added to Greenlight; because, why not? Time for developers to celebrate and fans to prepare their wallets!