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The Greenlight Groove: The Empty Inn, Induction and More


Many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions; there are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Production.Inc (GL)

In a world with a debt to an all consuming creature at it’s centre, where capitalists must feed the creature money in order to stop it destroying the planet, as a factory owner you must make enough money, by the end of the week, to feed the creature. The public will see you as greedy but that is the price to pay for the brave capitalists, the secret heroes of the world.

Night City Assault (Kickstarter)

Night City Assault (@xtramilegames) [Kickstarter]
You’ll play as detective Roy Silver, recently transferred to a city overrun by a syndicate led by a man named Viper. After joining your partner on an assignment, the syndicate intervenes by causing your vehicle to crash and abducting your partner, leaving you stuck in the syndicate controlled part of the city. While you wait for backup to arrive, you have no choice but to fight your way through and try to save your partner.

Luman (GL)

Luman (@LifeAndDevGames) [Kickstarter]
Luman is a stylised, fast-paced platformer about an irritatingly cheerful, luminous lad and a bad, broken bayonet bulb. In the game you play as Luman, a jovial light bulb who unwittingly ends up with the difficult task of bringing the once proud Uncandescent to justice. You will meet amazingly deep two-dimensional characters and sentient light emitting objects, face psychotic broken bulbs, troubled celebrities and the most fearsome obstacle of all – the ordinary wall (seriously, you will die if you run into walls, you are made of glass!)

Induction (GL)

Induction (@bryangale)
You are given the ability to jump through time, and are tasked with exploiting its counter-intuitive consequences. You must learn to choreograph your actions across multiple timelines, and to create strange loops of cause and effect, where the future depends on the past and the past depends on the future.

Tachyon Project (GL)

Tachyon Project (@EclipseGamesSC)
In Tachyon Project you take control of Ada, a software program design to hack into the most secure servers in the world. After some rather misterious events, Ada is thrown out into the internet and she’ll have to fight to uncover the truth about her creators’ disappearance.

Defragmented - a Cyberpunk Action-RPG (GL)

Defragmented – a Cyberpunk Action-RPG (@Glass_Knuckle) [Kickstarter]
Defragmented’s unique style of gameplay combines the fast-paced firefights found in Hotline Miami with action-RPG elements made famous by Borderlands and Diablo, all set to a pulsing, neon playlist that combines our favorite electronic genres – synthwave, electro, chiptune, and more. We’re blending shooter & RPG game systems to create a deep and rewarding leveling system revolving around challenging gameplay (and a forgiving checkpoint system).

The Empty Inn (GL)

The Empty Inn (@Candlelight_S)
The Empty Inn is a 2D, horror game with 8-bit, NES-style, pixel art and puzzle-exploration gameplay. With only a small lamp in hand, the player is required to solve puzzles and explore the vacant inn, ensuring they keep their lamp lit along the way. If your light goes out then the monster will show its face… and I’m not just talking about the monster who’s watching you.

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