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Weekly Indie Update: The More Things Change…

Weekly Indie Update 16, 2013

I initially started writing indie news as a series of articles called Weekly Indie Update, which was done in a digest format. This was a way for me to grasp the concept of writing about current events and was quite well received. But as the confidence in my ability to write grew, I decided to abandon that format in favor of daily articles about various indie game topics. I’ve been thinking about it recently and decided to bring it back, although with certain notable changes.

In the few years my little corner of the Internet has been up and running, it has gone through several changes, some major, some minor. Along with the move from Blogger to WordPress came a change in domain name, and the content published here has also changed drastically. During the early months, it was all about old video games whereas now, it’s purely indie. But I do still enjoy the classics/oldies, so obviously I haven’t stopped writing about them – such articles have simply been relocated to Gaming Momentum.

So what’s my plan for this series? Starting next week, part of it will be me weighing in on a topic related to indie games. Now, I won’t promise that it will always be related to current events, but time will tell what pops into my head when Sunday comes around. Along with that potential wall of text, I’m going to take a look at new Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, and pick a few that seem interesting. Might also throw stuff like substantial game updates and soundtrack releases into the mix, but the format will be as previously stated for the most part. That way it’ll (hopefully) turn out as a lovely blend of opinion piece, crowdfunding roundup and ‘various updates’, for some light reading before that dreadful Monday rears its ugly face once more.

Still with me? Awesome, here are my picks from this week’s new crowdfunding projects then:


Among the Sleep (Kickstarter) $68,054 of $200,000
When was the last time you got to play from the perspective of a two year old child, in a horror game of all things? Chances are the answer to that one is ‘never’, which is likely why Krillbite Studio decided to create one such, and I have a feeling this will be both a unique and frightening experience. It also won’t be yet another survival horror, since you’ll be unable to fight back, instead forcing you to hide wherever possible (along the lines of Amnesia: The Dark Descent). Who knows what might be lurking in those shadows, after all?

A Small Favor – 2D Side-Scrolling Adventure Game (Kickstarter) $5,606 of $30,000
Life as an alien assassin ain’t easy, and as such, it makes sense that you’re more than a bit eager to get out of the ‘business’ in A Small Favor, an upcoming 2D adventure from ClickShake Games. Unfortunately, you kinda owe a huge favor debt to this local big-shot gangster, and until that’s been paid – which could easily take the rest of your natural life – freedom will remain but a dream. But then one day, a way to quickly rid yourself of debt and acquire a new identity shows itself! However, a favor of that size is bound to come at a cost…