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‘The Last Time’ (Demo) Points ‘n Clicks a Retired Old Cop Back Into Action

The Last Time (demo)

When two cops, Jack and Darren, have spent a total of five years working as partners, chances are they’ve formed quite a bond – a friendship, even, meaning one knows the other very well. But no amount of knowledge could have prevented the events of that fateful night in The Last Time, which lead to Jack suffering an emotional trauma as the game skips ahead a solid forty years, no indication as to what has transpired during. That is, until the phone suddenly rings…

But let’s take it from the top. Throughout the brief period leading up to that massive time leap, players are introduced to the what’s what, most of which will be quite familiar to genre veterans. What’s not, however, is the importance of choices made during specific dialogue (save for one or two, perhaps?), as the story – in the full version – is said to feature multiple / alternate endings. Bet ya at least a few are linked to decisions made over the course of the game. Just you watch.

Oh, speaking of watching – while the art style might not be globally pleasing, I’d still say the pixellated both looks and animates nicely. Besides, with the inclusion of a ‘hot spot’ system, at least there won’t be any… pixel hunting! Get it? Right. Anyway, given the demo’s short duration, it’d be tricky to say more without spoiling the entire thing. I will say this though: brief or not, it does a solid job of acting as a playable teaser, as I was certainly eager to find out where this mysterious tale is heading, so there’s that.

A demo which you really should play through ASAP, since the release of The Last Time is only “few months” away, so no better time than the present to see what the fuzz (no pun intended) is all about!