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The Greenlight Groove: ‘Child of Fire’ and… more!


Many Steam users don’t check – or even notice – the majority of Greenlight additions; it’s simply too time-consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, showcasing my recommendation(s) from the past week.

Child of Fire (GL)

Child of Fire
A little girl wakes up in a sewer and don’t remember almost nothing. She only remembers her adoptive father and goes in a adventure to find him. Along the way, the little girl begins to remember her big story.

Twin Flames (GL)

Twin Flames
In a faraway desert, an eternal battle goes on between two siblings: the Sun God and the Moon Goddess. They fight at the top of a great tower and the victor gets to conquer time for half a day, thus creating the day-night cycle of the world and giving balance to time itself. What would happen if this cycle es broken? The fate of time itself is in your hands, this is a tragic tale made to be lived in video game form.

Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure (GL)

Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure
Chessaria is a unique turn-based tactical game that combines the compelling story and fast paced nature of classic adventure video-games, building on the traditional strategic gameplay of Chess.

Space Tyrant (GL)

Space Tyrant
Space Tyrant is a fast-paced roguelikelikelike 4X game set in a grimly grimdark future. Build a terrifying space fleet, devastate planets, and slaughter peaceful extraterrestrials in your relentless march to total domination! Will the forces of Galactic Order halt your invasion or are you truly ready to face-punch the universe?