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Help a Radish Monk Find Inner Peace In ‘Sanam’


Team Food Fighter may be an odd name for a developer, but that’s besides the point. What matters is that this team of four are trying to wrap up development of Sanam, a side-scrolling action/adventure title inspired by the likes of Prince of Persia and Viewtiful Joe, and they need your help (read: financial support) with 60 days left on the Indiegogo clock!

It all started several years ago, back in… okay so that’s not quite true: Sanam has only been under development since August 2012, but at least they’ve got something to show as part of their Indiegogo campaign, rather than simply slapping a concept/idea up and asking for money without even a trailer to detail the project. In its current (alpha) state, the game consists of a single level and four characters, but the plan is to reach a total of 25 levels divided among five individual chapters, each culminating in a boss battle. It’ll be playable both solo and cooperatively, with a versus mode for when you feel like ditching the story elements and simply waging war against your friends (WAR! HURH!).

Fijleh is found sitting in his cave, searching for inner peace when his world is turned upside down by the ‘Idols’. The Idols are fallen Gods who were once worshipped but have lain dormant for a long period of time. Their arrival once more disrupted Fijleh’s meditation and his temperament leads him to seek revenge, armed with his Broccoli sword.

The amount of money people ask for when doing crowd funding varies greatly, but in this case the goal is $100.000 with $290 raised and 60 days left. In case you’re wondering what the money will be spent on: license acquisition for the game engine, various software and hardware upgrades, all to ensure that the development goes as smooth and fast as humanly possible – no one likes working with a PC/Mac that was top-of-the-line ten years ago after all.

If everything goes according to plan, the goal is to release Sanam for both PC and Mac within the next 2 years. Now, this may seem like a long time but no one’s saying it will take all of two years before it’s ready. Also, instead of listing the reward tiers here, I’m just going to point you towards the Indiegogo page where more details are also located and in closing: the ‘pre-purchase’ tier is $5.

Sanam – Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.