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An Adventure With Space Trains: ‘Astroloco: Worst Contact’ Demo

Astroloco demo

Space, the final frontier. This is the story of trains in space, and it is completely… Astroloco! Hungry Planet Games recently released a demo of their hilarious adventure game, in which you control two different characters with one common goal: to save Gilbert Station (along with their jobs, incidentally); and that’s all you get on the plot – who likes spoilers anyway?

Remember when adventure games were all about silly comedic moments and ridiculous stories with wacky characters, rather than dark conspiracies and people getting killed left and right? That’s exactly what Astroloco: Worst Contact is, based on my time with the demo, which is in no way a bad thing! While it may not look like much, there’s plenty of fourth wall breaking going on, a fully voiced cast and a tutorial that doesn’t suck (gasp!). All in all, the pixelated look actually isn’t a bad choice for it, and I’ll take low-res visuals with high quality gameplay over the opposite any day. Also, trains in space. TRAINS. IN. SPAAAAAAAACE!

In case it wasn’t obvious at this point, I’d highly recommend taking the Astroloco: Worst Contact demo for a (space train) ride, so grab it from the official website right now. The full game will be available on January 31 for £3.99/$5.99. With a bit of luck and Greenlight support, they’ll also be able to sell the game through Steam at some point.

Astroloco: Worst Contact – Game Trailer