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‘Falling in Love’ is Quite the Deadly Tongue Tied Take on Speed Dating

Speed dating is a rather odd beast, and in my opinion, definitely not the best way to meet someone. Unless you enjoy nerve-wracking time restraints that is – in which case you might also like this game. Maybe. Oh right: try not to die in it, as you go about chatting up your date and… well, Falling in Love.

As you can probably tell from the above screenshot, Falling in Love is quite the odd beast. But exactly what’s happening – probably best if I explain as that’s likely not immediately obvious. Short version: you’re on a date, tied together by your tongues, and falling to your death. That last part is important. Unless you’re in the mood for a little Romeo and Juliet that is, because after playing the game for a bit, that outcome is more than a little likely.

Unless you are capable of multitasking incredibly well, dodging pointy objects on either side of the pit you’re descending at much too rapidly a speed – while keeping your date interested in you through a series of questions / dialogue choices. Try as I might, none of my attempts ended in the two of us actually surviving the fall, no matter my answers to a seemingly endless string of what can only be described as rather odd topics for a first date – even for a pair of lizards.

Think you’ve got what it takes to avoid getting tongue tied under immense pressure?

Falling in Love (Brent Pemberton, Del Nordlund, Patrick Flattery, Sebastian Scaini, Shepherd Cameron) is available on itch.io, for free.

Update: added missing credits.