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Prevent a Disaster to Escape a Time Loop In ‘City Tuesday’ On XBLIG

City Tuesday XBLIG release

Ever wondered what it would be like to be stuck in time, forced to relive the same five minutes over and over, until you figure out how to avert a terrible disaster? Welcome to City Tuesday.

Soon, several bombs planted by terrorist all over town will go off, likely ruining countless lives in the process, and until you figure out how to disarm them, you’ll be forced to relive that very tragedy over and over again. The world needs a hero, and today that hero is you, because, well, you don’t really have a choice, unless you feel like being be stuck in time forever.

People go to work, attend classes, wait for the train and other everyday tasks, all while being blissfully ignorant of the impending threat hidden in garbage bins and other out-of-sight locations, minutes away from changing their lives forever. But since those bombs need to be disarmed, you need to learn what goes on in the city around you, get vital information from people, maybe even kick a vending machine or two, then finally piece it all together and find a way to get rid of the bombs.

That’s a lot of work to be done within a few minutes, so it’s a good thing that you can always restart the current day, at which point everything will reset and the same events will replay, letting you learn even more about what needs to be done. If you’re feeling impatient while waiting for a specific event, just hold down RB/RT to speed up time; but be careful, because you only have so much time before everything goes KABOOM!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Got five minutes for City Tuesday? It’s available on XBLIG (here) for $1 (80 MS points).
Official website and Twitter (@AdventureMtn).