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‘Busy Busy Beaver’ Impressions: Help Justin the Beaver Gather Wood For His DIY Plans

Busy Busy Beaver

Guess we now know why beavers are so wood-crazed, eh? But this guy’s something else alright, with needs that go above and beyond the norm for home renovation. First it’s a bathroom, then he wants to build a sauna followed by a spa, a hallway, an en suite (another bathroom?) and so on. Oh and you get to help him gather wood for said projects. Time to chew!

A lazy beaver, this guy is not, that much is certain. In fact, some might say that his DIY plans are quite extensive, spanning a total of thirty levels, each featuring something new for Justin to build. It’s a shame that Busy Busy Beaver only involves gathering, as opposed to letting players build too. But alas, managore did make the game in 48 hours for Bacon Game Jam 07 , so that’s probably to be expected.

What’s there is quite entertaining, and at times rather tricky, though. As Justin, you’re able to jump all over the place, chewing away at wood in either direction, as well as downwards. Not entirely sure why this particular forest has spikes, or why he chose to work in the middle of the night, but… beaver logic, I suppose.

Whether it’s an extra bedroom, garage or home theater, this beaver won’t return home until he has all the wood he needs for his next big project.

In order to complete each level, you’ll have to fill the fancy wood(en) bar, which is at times easier said than done. While you’re not always required to chew apart everything in sight, this lil’ beaver does have certain limitations, one of which is his maximum jump height. As such, planning ahead is a must, or you may end up accidentally removing the only path back home, in your fast-paced quest for lumber.

All in all, the only actual negative, is that Justin’s movements can be almost too rapid at times, making precision jumps and similar feats more tricky than they need be; especially when disappearing platforms are involved. Infinite lives and short levels do alleviate this issue somewhat, but even so, tighter controls certainly wouldn’t go amiss, in… Busy Busy Beaver!

Busy Busy Beaver (Bacon Jam 07) gameplay