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Blast Plaque, Drill Cavities and Brush a Lot of Teeth In ‘Beatrix: Battle Dentist’

Beatrix: Battle Dentist

As I’m sure you’ve been told time and time again, dental hygiene is a serious matter. So much in fact, that Daniel McFarline has created an “educational shoot ’em up” (gotta love how that’s a thing) about it. Ready with some toothpaste and dental floss? Let’s get rid of some Candy Monsters then!

Words can’t express how glad I am that fending off cavities, plaque and other dental nasties only involves dealing with monsters in a video game. Outside, in this thing called the real world, you just have to brush your teeth properly every day, and floss. No monsters, no lasers, and certainly no evil Candy Empire destroying teeth everywhere.

What do you mean “what evil Candy Empire”? Where do you think the Candy Monsters live? Anyway, in Beatrix: Battle Dentist, your job is to… clean teeth. No really, that’s it. Well, there is also the small matter of taking out Sickly Sweet, leader of the Candy Empire. Oh and you may wanna watch out for sugary snacks and cavities, the latter of which, like plaque, can be blasted with your fluorite laser.

Beatrix: Battle Dentist

Sounds like a proper good challenge, eh? It actually isn’t, once you get the hang of everything, but getting through the twenty levels (mouths) is still good fun. As you go from mouth to mouth, blasting and scrubbing, various dental hygiene tips pop up on the screen; remember, educational game. That said, the only thing which will truly aid you in your fight against the Candy Empire, is… skill. Plain, simple, old-fashioned skill. No fancy-pants Jedi tricks or magical nonsense.

Move swiftly, shoot with precision and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a shot at ending Sickly Sweet’s evil reign, once and for all. Won’t know until you try though! Jump into the shoes of Beatrix: Battle Dentist and brush, kill… DESTROY!