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On Steam, the Week Prior: Vegetables, Giant Robots, Pixel Fighting, etc.

Holy crap, last week was pure gold for new indie games on Steam, as can be seen on the list below, containing my personal favorites from 2017’s 39th week. Old-school cartoons (in video game form)! Old-school dungeon crawling! Old-school fighting! Brawling! Action! So much good stuff. Before you continue reading… apologize in advance to your wallet and/or credit card.

Project Nimbus – "United by Hope" launch trailer

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Project Nimbus ($14.99)
Getting a strong Macross/Robotech vibe from this one, although even if that wasn’t the case… who doesn’t like the idea of piloting an aerial mech, flying through the sky, blowing enemies up left and right? In a mech. A mech. Giant robotic battle armor suit thingies. MECHS! YEAH!

Cuphead Launch Trailer | Xbox One | Windows 10 | Steam | GOG

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Cuphead ($19.99)
After a while I think most were starting to wonder if this one would ever see the light of day, development starting seven years ago, way back in 2010. But it did, and so here we are, finally able to return to a long-forgotten time. One during which cartoons looked significantly different from current stuff. Oh, and… it’s a video game. Not a cartoon. With truly awesome music, to boot.

Hob | Launch Trailer

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Hob ($19.99)
Oh boy. Remember how awesome the two Torchlight games were? Yeah. Same developer, only this is a rather different beast altogether, even if it does feature plenty of action and combat. The main focus this time is after all… exploration! I really like how they opted for a story told without the use of text or dialogue (wait, what?) this time, too. Oh, and the protagonist has a mechanical arm-glove-thingy, because why not?

Wishmere – Release Trailer

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Wishmere ($11.99)
While fighting games haven’t really been a favorite pastime of mine since the days of Street Fighter II and the original Mortal Kombat trilogy. Yet here we are in 2017, a brand new indie title actually looking pretty darn groovy to me. Perhaps it’s the amount of content, as there’s seemingly a staggering amount of things to do? Or maybe the fact that you have time manipulation powers? Hard to say – there’s just something about watching tiny pixellated characters beat the crap out of each other.

Vaporum – Launch Trailer

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Vaporum ($19.99)
If you’ve ever played RPG classics like Eye of the Beholder – or perhaps something more recent, like Legend of Grimrock – this one should seem quite familiar. And not in a bad way either, as it looks to be dungeon-crawling done right… and with a lovely steampunk twist no less! It does seem a tad odd to make it a one-person affair though, in favor of, I don’t know, an entire party of adventurers. But eh, sometimes you gotta break from the norm, ya know?

The Walking Vegetables – Gameplay Trailer

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The Walking Vegetables ($9.99)
I know what you’re (probably) thinking, but look at that trailer. Just look at it. The amount of coin-scattering carnage, mayhem, destruction and absolute chaos! The 80s were a crazy time and this game knows it, alien invaders turning everyone into… vegetables. What, want to save the world? Pft. Let someone else deal with that, while you around shooting stuff, coolness factor growing by the second!