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The Greenlight Groove: Riptale and… more?


Many Steam users don’t check – or even notice – the majority of Greenlight additions; it’s simply too time-consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, showcasing my recommendation(s) from the past week.

Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu (GL)

Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu
The year is 1929. A dismal Cult is sprawling around the world. Blinded by their folly, these madmen seek to awaken one of the Elders – an alien abomination buried deep below the sea. You are in charge of a secret society whose sole purpose is to contain this evil and prevent the awakening. Do not linger, your time is running out!

Hell is other demons (GL)

Hell is other demons
Slay your way through increasingly massive waves of vicious demons.
Buy weapons and upgrades from the gems that spew from your fallen foes.

Immortal Planet (GL)

Immortal Planet
Immortal Planet is an action RPG with challenging combat that rewards patience and punishes recklessness. Explore the crumbling remains of a society of immortals trapped in endless cycles of rebirth. Fight your way to discover the planet’s mystery and escape its curse.

Riptale (GL)

Riptale is a 2D action game aiming to make sword combat be as bloody and impactful as possible. The player collects gems that allow them to execute different attacks in the order of their choosing. All this results in a symphony of combos that fill the screen with blood and guts. If Riptale was a board game it would shoot scissors at you.

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