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‘Empty.’ Impressions: Furniture, Why Won’t You Vanish?!


The rules for whatever dimension Empty. takes place in are simple: if something is invisible, it disappears. Instantly. No exceptions. Oh, and by invisible, I mean… well, camouflaged. Kinda. In the ‘orange object against orange surface is invisible, and thus, gone’ way. Because that all makes sense, right? Not really, but who cares, so long as it makes for an interesting puzzle game?

A shelf here, a couch there, maybe even a bicycle or a plant – until you spin the room properly, at which point they will be no more. Gone. Like magic, at which point you’ll be transported to another room for a repeat of the process with new colors and items to ‘hide’. As for where they’re transported to, well, let’s just say that somewhere, someone’s getting a lot of free stuff – and leave it at that.

Now, unlike so many other genre entries, this one has no timers, pesky end-of-level star rating or any such silliness. Just you and a bunch of rooms to clear of objects through color manipulation (and magic). Quite a relaxing affair, really. So hey, why not take a minute to find out if you have what it takes to make every room… Empty.?