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Brutal Roguelike ‘Steam Marines’ Updated With Mod Support, New Boss

Permadeath, an evil AI, lots of asskicking (on either side), procedurally generated content, frequent updates, a developer who's off his rocker. There. I just described Steam Marines, and following a recent update, believe it or not, mod support is now a thing. Not gonna lie: I'm really looking forward to messing around with this stuff. So many variables. SO MUCH TO TWEAK (and potentially break)!
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‘Steam Marines’ 0.6.6a Brings Fresh Recruits

Steam Marines 0.6.6a
Are you a fan of roguelikes? Do you like space/science fiction in video games? If the answer to at least one of the two is yes, then why are you not playing Steam Marines right now?! It may still be a WIP in many ways, as I wrote in my Indev Spotlight, but at least the latest version adds a much-needed feature: The ability to replace dead squad members! It also fixes bugs and.. aw who cares? RECRUITS!
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