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Moving Simulator ‘Moving Out’ Looks Chaotic and Silly Enough to End Up Very Enjoyable

Moving can be a scary - at times, even risky - endeavour. There's a lot to keep track of, and above all else, you'll want to use a reputable company for all the heavy lifting (or all the lifting, period). Unless of course you're playing Moving Out, in which case, speed is the only thing that matters! Oh, but do watch out for traffic, saw blades and other hazards as you attempt to transport objects... well, over lava.
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‘DEATH SQUARED’ Players Attempt to Cooperate But Blow Up Instead… Repeatedly

Disclaimer: I love blowing up robots. The virtual kind that is. Don't really have the money to go around building physical units or the means by which to make them go kaboom. Fortunately it seems cooperative multiplayer puzzler (there's a mouthful!), DEATH SQUARED, has me covered as based on available footage... players blow up more than they work together. Tell me that doesn't just sound like the best time with a friend or two (or three)?
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