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Mild Showers From the West Across PS4 and Vita, With a Guaranteed ‘Risk of Rain’

Beam down to a planet in Risk of Rain, kill stuff while acquiring new - potentially better - equipment, and eventually, (maybe) kill some huge alien nasty to access the next area. Exploration? Sure. Well, maybe. Just keep in mind that as times goes by, the opposition will increase in strength. Oh and it's dangerous to go alone, so bring a friend (or three); perhaps even on the same console? Now that'd be groovy for sure.
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Definitive Version of ‘Futuridium EP’ Now Flying On PS4, Vita as ‘Futuridium EP Deluxe’

Unlike most SHMUPs, Futuridium EP is pure skill and reflexes. No fancy abilities or upgradable weaponry. Your ship does come equipped with lasers though, capable of destroying cubes to keep a combo going. Oh and you can do instant 180 degree turns. A fast, furious and fun arcade experience, now on PS4 and Vita, with lovely enhancements and additions!
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Full Version of Unity For PS Mobile, Vita Finally Released

Remember a couple of months ago, when news of this awesome addition to the ever-growing list of Unity supported platforms surfaced? Well, back then, the version available was a mere preview build, having features like publishing disabled while still allowing aspiring developers to mess around. But now... the full version has arrived, and guess what? Still 100% free! Good stuff.
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GameMaker: Studio 1.3 Lets PlayStation Developers Publish For Free On PS3, PS4, Vita

Licensed PlayStation developers who don't mind using a pre-existing engine to work their magic and create games on Sony's hardware sure have it good right now. The release of GameMaker 1.3 lets PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita developers publish on those systems... for free! Unity users haven't been forgotten either, as a similar deal will go live later this year, albeit only on PlayStation Mobile and Vita Neat, eh? You bet ya!
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Unity Devs Can Port Their Game(s) to PS Mobile, Vita For Free

Considering the rather sizeable PlayStation Mobile and Vita user base, this is bound to ring well with Unity developers looking to expand into Sony's section of the hand-held market. While the currently available license is but a slightly limited preview (no publishing to the PSM Store, for example), it's still a great way for interested developers to sample the goods, ahead of its scheduled summer launch.
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‘LIMBO’ Getting Ready to Spook Players On Vita

If you have yet to experience Playdead’s silhouette-styled platformer about a boy in search of his sister, WHY NOT?! This is an incredible (and a bit creepy) experience that should not be missed by anyone, even though it’s one full of both danger and mystery, huge spider and all. But if your excuse is “I only play games on my PlayStation Vita”, well, then you’re in luck.
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