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This Just In: The Mighty Gates of Greenlight Smashed, a Hundred Got Through


Wow. Valve finally upped the ante with the most recent greenlit batch. This time they went for triple digits! Not fourteen, fifteen or such silly low numbers, no – a whooping 100 titles (97 of which are games) made it through Greenlight earlier today. Thank you, Valve, and… what on Earth took you so long?

Seriously though, that’s a staggering amount of games! So many in fact, that one has to wonder: how are they planning on releasing them all, without flooding the ‘new releases’ section? While not every single title in this batch is available for purchase just yet, a lot of them are, although I’m sure Valve has put together a schedule for it. Or maybe they haven’t, as the post mentions something about stress-testing their system? Well, can’t wait to see how that turns out!

To that end, today we’ve Greenlit another 100 titles, bringing the total number of titles offered worldwide Steam publishing agreements via Greenlight to 260.

While that is an impressive number, and one that has me jumping for joy since a lot of them are games I voted for, let’s not forget that at least twice as many are still on Greenlight, starving for some attention (ie. votes). Speaking of, remember my first Stuck In Greenlight Limbo article? Yup, A Walk in the Dark is among the 97 games that were just greenlit. See what I mean, when I say “your vote matters”? Well it does, so go vote! In case you’re having a hard time figuring out which to vote for, here are some recommendations: The Sea Will Claim Everything, Vox and Steam Marines. Remember: your vote matters!

Greenlight August 28, 2013

Hm? List? What list? Oh, right! The one with those 100 titles, of course! Since it’s highly doubtful that we’ll see this many greenlit in a single batch again, I’d say it’s time to celebrate; especially if you’re one of the lucky developers who’s part of this one.