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Total Number of Greenlit Titles Reaches 160 With Latest Batch


Wow, that was fast. With little over two weeks since the previous batch, I don’t think many expected Valve to unleash another already. I’m glad they did though, because as I said in my article on the last one, “Steam does tend to help with sales, and when business is good, developers can continue doing what they love; in this case, make games”. Everybody wins.

Upping the ante from last time, Valve moved an impressive 15 games from ‘Greenlight this’ to ‘it’s coming to Steam’, with a total of 160 titles – as in, games and software – having made it through. That’s an impressive number for sure, even if… well, this time the undead are part of the celebration. Just what we need, right? More zombie games! No. Not really. That said, however, I do hope each and every last one of the recently greenlit do well once they’re released and available on Steam, even if I don’t have any interest in playing more than a few of them.

This time we’ve got plenty of horror, with a genre classic (The 7th Guest) and another incredibly creepy haunted house game (Paranormal), along with one that’s… about crashing (Crashtastic)? That should be interesting. Or how about being in charge of a SWAT team (Door Kickers) that’s bound to bring back memories of the original Rainbow Six? Variety aplenty this time too. If only all fifteen games were out already, but that’s rarely how it is with Greenlight. In any case, here’s the list:


But wait, what about those that didn’t make it this time either? Since there are a ridiculous amount of games still trying to gather votes, here are some recommendations from yours truly, in no particular order:

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