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On Steam, the Week Prior: Balancing Swords

Three’s company! Wait, that’s not quite right. Two’s company… and it’s also the number of Steam releases that caught my eye this past week. Yeah. That makes sense. Somehow.

Thy Sword Launch Trailer [1080p60]

Thy Sword ($8.99)
Pixellated violence in a fantasy setting? Check. Crazy rhymes in trailer? Check. Awesome sword-centric gameplay? Check. My undivided attention? CHECK!

Far from Noise Launch Trailer

Far from Noise ($7.99)
I do love me some interactive fiction, and even more so when it comes packed with twists and turns like this one. Plus, the entire premise is just so… I don’t know… intriguing? Something like that, anyway, what with its unique setting and choice-driven narrative, always on the edge of… well, everything ending. It calls to me?