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‘The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis’ Release: A New Adventure In the OSD Universe

The Search For Oceanspirit Dennis

Do you know what an Oceanspirit is? Well, probably not and neither do I, yet in this game you’ll be taking up the role of Ray, who’s been tasked with tracking down one such and enlist his aid! Fortunately, an Oceanspirit known as Dennis has been spotted in the neighbouring city, so this shouldn’t take long. Or it wouldn’t, if ‘someone’ hadn’t decided to block Ray’s passage across the bridge. Time to point & click this problem away!

For the most part, The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis plays like a traditional adventure game: left-click to interact and right-click to examine; but there’s also… combat. What, you thought all puzzles were solved by interacting with objects? Pft! Not in this alternate universe! Aside from that, things are as one might expect as there are puzzles to solve, people in need of Ray’s help, a nifty inventory to manage and, obviously, plenty of humor. All for the low price of absolutely nothing! Not entirely sure why the director’s commentary and medal system need to be unlocked though. Seems like an odd choice.

Since I’m the curious type, I did a little digging in the AGS games database and here’s a shocker: this is far from the first point & click adventure which takes place in the fictional Oceanspirit Dennis universe! For those interested in what else is available, here’s a list of what I managed to find, though I suspect it’s incomplete as the search engine is kinda wonky:

Update: Turns out there are even more OSD games than those, according to this thread. Thanks to OneDollar for the heads up.

Now, I haven’t played any of them yet so I can’t comment on quality, length or anything else, but since they’re all free, it can’t hurt to look, right? Just don’t forget about the newly released The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis after diving into the lot. Oh and be sure to check out the developer’s website, where you’ll find his other creations.