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‘N’ 2.0 Is Finally Here! Gobble Dots and Prepare to Rage All Over Again

N 2.0

Oh boy. We have a history, me and this game. I’ve lost track of how many times this game has kicked my ass, yet I kept coming back for more. How could I not? It’s so much fun! But at the same time, so bloody difficult… And now it’s back with a vengeance, along with a level editor, lots of new levels and, well, more cool new stuff!

I don’t know what it is with me and brutally difficult platformers. After dying for the umptenth time, any sane person would likely walk away, but not me – there’s a challenge here, and I want to beat it! In case you have no idea what N is all about, it’s a pretty simple game in which you collect yellow dots to keep the timer from reaching zero. Actually, that’s only half right, as there’s loads more to it than that: you have to watch out for mines, lasers, robots, rockets, and of course, ninja or not, falling from too great a height will also kill you. It’s fortunate that your lives are infinite, because you’re gonna need every advantage you can get – trust me on that.

But enough of that. Chances are you’re here because of the update and not details on the game itself, so let’s see… For starters, cloud saving is now possible thanks to the new account system – good news for those who play N at work, even though they probably shouldn’t be doing that! Anyway, your account is not just for cloud saving, however useful that may be. It also enables sharing (and rating) user-made levels with other players; something I’m sure N fans are gonna put to great use.

Not enough? Well alright, how about local co-op then? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Nothing like teaming up with friends to gobble delicious yellow dots, ninja-style! Metanet Software‘s N can be played either on Kongregate or downloaded for Windows/Mac/Linux. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do believe it’s time to tread the path once more.