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Indie Dev Grant Returns With New Bundle In A Box Announcement

Indie Dev Grant

I’m sure more are familiar with Bundle In A Box than its good friend The Indie Dev Grant, but in my opinion they deserve equal attention, as both do a lot for indie developers in their own way. As it turns out, Kyttaro Games are bringing both back for another round, so let’s go over the specifics.

While the bundle helps boost sales of often overlooked/niche indie games, often including bonus content (soundtracks, concept art, wallpapers etc.), the grant is part of a competition as it were, to help one developer (be it an individual person or a full team) financially. Both are intertwined, as the amount of money in the grant is determined by Bundle In A Box sales – for every 100 sold, $15 is added. Simple enough, and there are no strings attached.

Developers that have already taken part in one of our bundles or are willing to do so in the future are also eligible for the grant. Actually, absolutely anyone is free to enter; yes, even people trying to buy some time in order to create their next freeware gem.

Anyone, eh? Can’t wait to see what we get to vote on this time! Oh and voting is restricted to those who buy the current the Bundle In A Box, something I find to be quite reasonable – the two are intertwined, after all. Since the deadline for entering is May 24, 2013, I have a feeling the next Bundle In A Box, in association with the gaming site Capsule Computers, just might go live as soon as early June. If you want to buy/support just one bundle, go with the one that comes in a box.

(Source: Bundle In A Box blog)