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Turn Off the Lights, Prepare For a Scare: ‘The Last Door’ Episode 7 Is Out

The Last Door: The Reunion

It all started with a mysterious letter, which lead to a search for a childhood friend, and now… we’re dealing with occultists, by the look of things. Fits the bill I suppose, as The Last Door is after all a pixellated horror story.

Following a four-week beta full of bug crunching and the adding of polish, The Reunion is finally upon us; second season, third episode, for those keeping track. Having briefly sampled the goods, I can gladly confirm that this – as has been the case with every episode so far – is a spine-chilling, mysterious pointy and clicky adventure. If you want to know more, you’ll have to play it – this is a spoiler-free zone after all.

After the unsettling events of the previous episode, a single memory has driven Wakefield to obsession: a strange word pronounced in the dark. It was the name of an ancient place in a certain Irish island…

Now, before we get down to the nitty-gritty which involves the spending of money, here’s a quick rundown of what The Last Door is all about, for those new to the series. The story, lead (mostly) by one Jeremiah Devitt, takes place in Victorian England, where he suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend. Given its dark themes and gruesome overall tone, needless to say, it’s not for the faint of heart. What it is however, is a rather enticing and exciting adventure, one full of spine-chilling music and lovely pixellated visuals, with plenty of jumpscares to boot. Point, click and… watch out!

As far as accessing the episodes goes, you have several options; they do all involve spending money, however. If you’re a new player, I’d recommend season 1, which’ll set ya back €5 ($5.50), to then continue with season 2 (€10 ($10.70)). Or hey, mix and match from the store page. Buying season packs is the cheaper option however, so keep that in mind, as you prepare to journey through… The Last Door!

The Last Door – Season Two