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‘The Last Door’ Chapter Three In Final Stage of Funding, Two Stretch Goals Revealed

The Last Door

Considering the amount of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns developers launch nowadays, it’s refreshing to see The Game Kitchen take a different route with The Last Door. They’ve resorted to donation-driven funding instead, with two stretch goals revealed, and more to come. Chapters one and two were released earlier this year, and now the third is almost ready… almost!

As I mentioned in my review of chapter one, The Last Door is an eerie mystery adventure with more than a few jump scares, sporting a very pixellated art style. Oh, and it’s also a lot of fun! But that was then and this is now: chapter three is almost ready, with a release scheduled for October 18; only, the funding isn’t quite there yet and this is where they need your help.

Even though their approach isn’t ‘crowd-funding’ in the strictest sense, the setup still has several stretch goals, most of which remain a well-kept secret (for now). Obviously, the initial goal of €10,000 has to be reached first, and currently €9151.51 have been donated. As for the actual stretch goals, €11,000 unlocks a freely downloadable version of the soundtrack from The Last Door: Chapter One, for community members. The next three are “soon to be revealed”, but at €15,000… they’re going to release a DRM-free version (it’s currently web-based) of The Last Door, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Feel like sampling the goods before you throw money at The Game Kitchen’s pixellated horror adventure project? You’ll be glad to hear that the first chapter is now free-to-play (not to be confused with F2P), although chapter two will cost ya… as little/much as you want! Or how about participating in their Summer Promotion instead? In theory, you could actually play the first two chapters without spending a dime; just don’t forget about those stretch goals, eh?