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‘Tessitron’ Impressions: Blast Colored Shapes In a Musical Tower Defense


XCBC, XCNC… X… C… BNB! What? Nono, it makes sense, as that’s how you play Tessitron: X, C, V, B and N are your only defense against an onslaught of circles, hexagons and what have you. So try to make sure none of them touch that fancy ship of yours, eh?

Originally made during Ludum Dare 26, this is one of those games that’ll test both your reflexes and memorization skills. Remembering which key to use when a specific color is within range is, well, key, as otherwise, your ship will take damage, and we certainly can’t have that. Who knows if the auto-repair will be able to finish the job in time, after all?

Actually, that may be a slight exaggeration, seeing how Tessitron really isn’t all that difficult, once you get the hang of the controls. Early on, you’ll only have X (red), C (cyan) and V (blue), making the blasting of shapes an easy task, but then B (yellow) and N (purple) are added, at which point the pace certainly picks up.

Unfortunately, by the time purple joins the fray – which happens within a matter of minutes – the alien(?) assault is almost over, which is a darn shame. Another somewhat negative aspect of an otherwise entertaining shooter, is that enemy patterns aren’t randomized, meaning it has very little replay value. But hey, Tessitron was after all made over the course of a weekend, and what’s there should definitely be experienced at least once, short length and all. So point your browser to its Ludum Dare 26 page, and get to blastin’ them shapes!

Tessitron (LD26) gameplay