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‘Teslagrad’ Demo Is Electrifyingly Magnetic, Has a Speedrun Contest


As the last Teslamancer, you’re determined to discover what happened to the rest of your kin, who’s to blame, maybe even put an end to Elektropia’s suffering. This tale is full of puzzle platforming, the power of magnetism and electricity, with a story told entirely through its visuals. No text, no dialogue, just you and the game.

It won’t be easy and you’ll likely die more than a few times before this adventure is over, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering the Tesla Tower and braving whatever this disturbing place has in store. Creepy shadowy figures, electricity barriers and gravity beams are the least of your worries though, for rumor has it that a giant mechanical fire-spewing being is having a bad day, deep within this very tower. But don’t let that stop you – surely he’s not invincible, right? Come to think of it, he actually might be. Who knows in this crazy steampunk-inspired world, after all?

If there’s one thing I disliked about the demo, it’s that the darn thing is much too short! Even more so, since the full version doesn’t even have a release date, meaning that this is likely going to be the only slice of Teslagrad we’ll get for a while. Although, if you’re in the mood for a challenge, there’s always the speedrun contest? I’m sure that’ll extend the lifespan of the demo.

Do you think you can beat the demo with a time that will shock and amaze us? We think you can!

I’m not a huge fan of pulling off a speedrun myself, but watching other people do it is a lot of fun and in this case, first place gets a CD with the soundtrack! That along with glory and fame, because apparently that’s also important. Go figure! Anyway, to participate, you’ll have to beat the demo, find all nine hidden secrets and be quick about it too, obviously. Oh and it has to be done in a single run. Deadline is September 19th 23:59 CEST, so I’d recommend getting started. Go go go!