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Tap, Slide, Kill: ‘Slayaway Camp’ Now Murdering On Android Devices

It may have taken Blue Wizard Digital a couple of months, but Android fans can finally partake in the fun that iOS users have been ranting about since February, as Slayaway Camp has finally arrived on Google's mobile OS. And what fun! As noted in my review, while it is a slide puzzler at its core, the complexity of later levels, coupled with a lovely art style, still makes for a very enjoyable experience (even I'm awful at it).
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Fight the Good Fight or Add Fuel to the Fire? Time to Choose a Side In… ‘The Frankenstein Wars’!

Back in 2015, The Frankenstein Wars were little more than a glimmer in the eye of interactive fiction fans (such as myself), barely slaying the mighty Kickstarter beast. But fortunately it did emerge triumphant, which brings us to the present where the game awaits with an uncanny war to be waged. A war which takes us all the way back to 1827's France, during which the Zeroiste movement - well, they pretty much brought back the dead, Frankenstein style. And here's the thing: you don't have to play the hero in this interactive tale! Your adventure, your choice(s), your... potentially disastrous outcome.
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‘Jelly Juggle’ Review

It's a well-known fact that Pong has been around since the beginning of time. Some would even say that it was there when the universe was created, but honestly, that's a bit of a stretch. Just a bit. Right. Anyway, my whole reason for bringing up Pong - since it's hardly an indie game (I know, shocking!) is that… Ian MacLarty's Jelly Juggle kinda resembles it. At least the ball and paddle aspect, as well as having the player somehow keep any and all balls - or jelly in this case - on-screen. Oh, and the paddle has been replaced with a fish. A surprisingly sturdy and slightly malfunctioning one at that, refusing to do anything but swim counter-clockwise. Stupid fish.
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‘Voyageur’ Has an Infinite Galaxy to Explore, One Full of Choices, Wealth and… Danger?

In theory, the Descent Device is a wonderful thing, enabling the fastest form of travel mankind has experienced. Unfortunately, it has a rather large flaw: the journey with it, throughout Voyageur, is, for reasons unknown, one-way. Doesn't mean you can't make the most of it, however, amassing large amounts of wealth as you embark on a grand adventure through the cold depths of space. Oh, and do be careful, as not everyone is friendly. I think. They don't seem friendly, at least. Maybe they are?
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‘Pop! Ilumbo’ Impressions: Puzzle Your Way to the Discovery of Colorful Pop Art

Never thought I'd be writing about pop art, seeing how this site is after all about indie games, and not stuff usually found in a museum or gallery. Yet here we are, with a mobile puzzler from the team behind Spur (prototype coverage), which is all about... pop art. While the rules are pretty straightforward, the actual puzzles are anything but.
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‘INOQONI’ Review: Now You’re Puzzling Through Magical Mirrors

If I was the protagonist of this game, I'd more than likely be freaking out. I mean, her current residence, a mystical tower, plays host to all sorts of nasty things: spike pits, knights, bats, spiders, and… wait, magic mirrors? Ah yes, INOQONI is actually able to control these and use them to reverse the level, creating a safe path to the exit and eventually, sweet freedom.
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’10’ Review: Numbered Blocks Plus Sliding Equals Fun Times

Math is either be incredibly boring or immensely entertaining - there's no middle ground. In the case of mobile puzzler 10, it's easily the latter. Sliding numbered blocks together until their sum is exactly ten (or in some cases, zero) may not sound like the most exciting thing ever. But don't worry, because that's just the core mechanic - there's definitely more than meets the eye to this game of numbers.
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Spin Your Way Through Crossword Puzzles In ‘KRIZL’

I’m sure most are familiar with crossword puzzles, but while most of them follow the typical design that has you filling vertical and horizontal columns with the correct words, KRIZL differs from the norm with a new way of playing the crossword game. Here, the blanks have already been filled in and instead, blocks of 3×3 tiles have been spun around, tasking you with figuring out how to spin each back to recreate the solution.
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