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Make ZXy Games: Speccy Jam 2 Is Well Underway


Like a blast from the past, the jam which puts everyone’s favorite 8-bit computer (not console) front and center is back. Which? Eh? Why, the ZX Spectrum, of course! Short version: participants have one week to create a game in that flavor – compatibility with ZX Spectrum hardware is not required. Need more details? Keep reading then!

Developers have until September 5th to create a brand new ZX Spectrum-styled game, either alone or as a team. No restrictions on choice of engine, tools or platform either, so long as the submission is in a playable state. Be sure to keep that last bit in mind before uploading, eh?

Not gonna lie, it would be quite awesome if someone were to actually make a ZX Spectrum compatible game, but I kinda doubt it’ll happen. From what I’ve gathered, that’d require a lot of effort, compared to simply making something themed that way instead. Never know though – game developers do have a tendency to surprise during game jams.

Speccy Jam is a regular world wide 1 week game jam, where indie game developers come together to create games with the flavour of the legendary 8-bit personal home computer, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

While participants have a great deal of freedom, there are some restrictions. For starters, the game must have a resolution of 256×192 (although upscaling is permitted), and feature these 15 colors at most. Oh and the rules post has some stuff on added authenticity, should you feel like going that extra mile.

As far as submitting goes, register on the forums first, and then head over here for the ‘how to’ part of that. Remember: September 5th is the deadline, for all things Speccy Jam 2, at which point finished games will be listed here. Happy jammin’!