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Tower Defense ‘Shad’O’ Has a New Trailer and a Release Date

Shad'O release date and trailer

The french developer, Okugi Studio, have been working on Shad’O for a while now and soon the whole world will be able to help William find his way back home, in their little tower defense game.

They’ve previously released an Android/iOS 2D action puzzler known as Twist n’ Catch, but this marks their first PC game and what better place to start than with a tower defense, because everyone seems to love those games! Yes, I am in fact quite serious. Just look at how popular the likes of Orcs Must Die!, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Sanctum, Dungeon Defenders are; it’s a popular genre for sure, even if it is a bit crowded.

« Where am I? Mom? Dad? I’m afraid… these shadows… they’re approaching… How to stop them? »

William, a 9-year-old boy, ought to be outside playing with other kids his age, having fun and enjoying his childhood. But unfortunately someone has different and much less cheerful plans for him, as he finds himself lost in a world that is strangely familiar to him, yet at the same time he has no memory of what has brought him here or how to get back home. Fight the shadows with magic and the aid of companions! Help William recover his stolen memories in a unique take on the tower defense genre, where darkness is your greatest foe and only you can make the light shine brighter than any shadow.

Shad’O will be available digitally from Steam, Desura and Gamestop Amazon on September 4th, 2012. No word yet on how much it will cost or if there will be a demo available, but take a look at the trailer below for a few minutes of gameplay and be sure to check out the developer’s website along with their Twitter (@OkugiStudio) and Facebook page. Poor William…