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Adventure Game Bundle Summerbatch Volume 1 Launched

Even if you’re getting a bit tired of all the bundles these days, I’d still recommend checking this one out, especially because unlike the rest, it actually contains brand new games! Oh and most are adventure titles too, which is quite uncommon these days.

The five games that make up Summerbatch Volume 1 are brand new titles, meaning they have not been available to the public before now and even if they’re not all point ‘n’ click adventures, they do all seem quite interesting so how about a quick rundown of each?

Barely Floating

Barely Floating by Stemshock Interactive
Point ‘n’ click adventure that takes place on a luxury yacht and revolves around a hostage situation, with some very silly characters.


Jailbreak by Virtual Illusion
This would be the one that’s not an adventure game as such, with its focus being on stealth and action as you try to escape imprisonment and silence the poor guards that cross your path, in a beat ’em up mini-game.

Nancy The Happy Whore

Nancy The Happy Whore by Technocrat Games
No, this is not an adult game as much as it’s a comedy fueled adventure with retro visuals, lots of puzzles to test your wits, and a plot that’s completely over-the-top without going overboard on the cheese.


Patchwork by Ivan Ulyanov
If you’ve ever wanted to find out what happens when a teleportation experiment goes wrong, this game seems like a good place to start. It’s got a hand-painted art style and two playable characters for.. twice the fun?


PISS by Ben Chandler
Wrapping up this bundle is an adventure where the main character has become an alcoholic due to nightmares that she no longer remembers why they started. On top of that, one of her clients decided to get himself killed before she could get the money he owed her, but she’s determined not to let that tiny inconvenience stand between her and the money – even if it ends up killing her too!

Summerbatch Volume 1 is pay-what-you-want (with a minimum of 50p), and they actually support a charity (something I can certainly appreciate) known as SpecialEffect, with 10% of the money raised. The whole thing is being run by the british game developer/publisher Screen 7, so be sure to send a “thank you” on Twitter (@Screen7uk) or Facebook should you decide to buy this one, which I would definitely recommend.