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‘Pete the Paper Pirate’ Announced


Weeniefrog recently revealed that they’re working on a pirate game, which was enough to catch my interest, and who doesn’t like pirates these days? But in case that’s not good enough, how about the fact that everything will feature a paper art style along the lines of Paper Mario, eh? Figured I’d get your attention with that, so let’s take a closer look.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll be playing the role of Pete, as he finds himself on a pirate ship with nothing but a treasure map and no idea where he are, or how he got there in the first place. So what’s a pirate to do? Set sail for adventure of course! But before you head off in search of adventure and wealth in this strange new world (Atland), you’re going to need a crew to trim the sails before you can roam the sea; that and, the extra manpower is bound to come in handy with the plundering and pillaging. Oh and before I forget: the Paper Mario comparison is sadly paper thin, as it won’t involve any fancy gimmicks – it’s purely for visual flair.

A few other neat things will be part of your journey however, including weather effects and a day/night cycle which will cause the music to change accordingly: during a thunderstorm, the music will pick up the pace while nighttime melodies will be of the slow and relaxing kind. Whether you go exploring during the day or night, you’ll get to hear plenty of Pete‘s fully orchestrated soundtrack though, as the islands in Atland has plenty of secrets for you to find, including (pirate?) bosses! These can be bested in battle for their gold, which is used to buy outfits (how about a fancy Frog suit?) and ship upgrades, among other things. Because as everyone knows, a bigger pirate ship is a better pirate ship!

Pete is still very early in development, but I do hope it’ll turn into something great! For more details, head on over to its IndieDB page.