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Help Zeb Escape Alien Captivity In ‘Plazma Being’

Plazma Being

At this point, I’m wondering if video game characters careless enough to get themselves kidnapped aren’t better off simply left to their fate. I mean, it’s happened once already and even if you rescue them, who’s to say it won’t happen again? (Case in point: Princess Peach). That said, Zeb does need your help in this puzzle platformer from Felix Wunderlich, should you be willing to provide it.

Now, you might be thinking “oh great, another humans vs. aliens platformer”, but you’d be wrong: Zeb is definitely not from Earth – this guy’s an energy based life form! Which, unsurprisingly, means he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve that’ll help him escape those silly aliens. Throughout the game, you’ll be pushing/pulling objects to bridge gaps and locking boxes into place – mid-air! This neat little trick is only possible in your alternate form and even though you can’t move while using your ‘telekinesis form’, I’m sure it’ll make for some more interesting puzzles than the typical move-the-boxes-either-left-or-right kind. You’ll also have to flick switches and dodge lasers throughout the game’s 10 levels – being made of energy doesn’t make you invulnerable, after all…

Those who feel like helping Zeb escape captivity can purchase Plazma Being from either the official website or Desura, for €3.99 (or your regional equivalency). Not sure he’s worth saving? Wow, you’re mean! Maybe the demo can help convince you; and while I’m at it, Zeb also needs some Greenlight support.

Plazma Being – New Trailer

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