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’39 Days to Mars’ Getting Free DLC Titled ‘Additional Victorian Adventures’… Soon!

Whether you’ve already finished the initial adventure(s) of Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter in 39 Days to Mars or not, this is bound to be pleasing news (provided you’ve actually picked up and played the game, that is). I mean, honestly, more content for a game like this is always welcome – especially when it doesn’t come with a price tag attached, as will be the case for Additional Victorian Adventures! Good stuff.

Now, while the title may be a bit on the cheesy side, at least it’s spot-on, in that what we’re getting is just that: additional victorian adventures! The whole thing is set in the 19th century after all, even if it does take place in an alternate reality, and in case the trailer below didn’t make it clear… we’re not exactly dealing with the most serious of video games here. Which is a good thing in my books.

As for exactly what we’re getting – only the developer knows at this point, really. Aside from the fact that it “will slip into the existing story arc” at least, and we do also have a release date: July 23 is when this groovy addition will be patched into the main game, bringing more co-operative fun and/or chaos to 39 Days to Mars. Oh and it’s dangerous to go alone, so be sure to bring a friend.


39 Days to Mars is available on Steamitch.io and Humble Store, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

39 Days to Mars – Additional Victorian Adventure