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‘Morty’s Adventure Quest : ABDUCTED!’ – Escape Captivity Or Go Down With the Ship

Morty's Adventure Quest : ABDUCTED!

You’re all alone, trapped in a space ship on a collision course with Earth. Everyone is dead. Time is of the essence, if surviving this hazardous situation is on your list of things to do. Welcome to Morty’s Adventure Quest : Abducted, a retro-styled adventure created by devi ever for Mini Ludum Dare #42.

In a way, you could call this a ‘point and click’ adventure, except you don’t really point or click; at least not in the traditional sense (with your mouse). Instead, movement is controlled with WASD while the spacebar handles any and all interaction, from picking items up to using them and pushing various buttons. I guess that makes it a… ‘move and tap (the spacebar)’ adventure? Right. Moving on.

Even though the game never explains how you ended up here in the first place, or what happened to the crew, one thing remains clear: you need to escape. Right now. First there are bunch of puzzles to solve, though, and stuff to break (yay), all while searching high and low across several pixelated decks (yawn). Escaping isn’t your only objective though. Something else also needs to be done. Something… quite important.

In the end, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to escape. Or will you? You’re gonna have to play through Morty’s Adventure Quest : Abducted to find out. Have fun… in space. All alone. Where no one can help you. Muahahahaha!