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Solve the Mystery of a Disappearing World Before All Is Gone, ‘K Station’ Included

K Station

In a galaxy, far, far away, there’s this little known place called K Station. Life’s pretty darn great there, everyone’s happy and weekends have even replaced weeks. Okay so that’s actually not entirely true, as in reality, you-know-what has hit the fan and people are disappearing left and right. For no apparent reason. Think you’ve got what it takes to solve this mystery before the game collapses upon itself? Clock’s ticking, so get to typing.

That’s right, typing. None of that point ‘n click nonsense here. This is truly old-school stuff, and as such, commands are presented by stringing letters together, forming words… or something along those lines. Right. Anyway, nostalgic attachment(s) aside, it’s still New Year’s Day on K Station, the year is still 2319, and there’s still at least one mystery roaming these halls.

K Station is an adventure game where the world and story are collapsing, room by room and life by life. Discover new lives, new hopes, new dreams and new disappointments — all from the friends and coworkers you thought you knew.

Best be quick about it too, as Maya – the lab assistant you’ll be playing as throughout the course of this adventure – is living on borrowed time, universe collapsing and all that. So hurry up and poke those still around, see what they have to say, combine gadget a with b to make c and use it to, well, you know how these things go. Bribe this guy, steal from that guy, blow up a wall or two. Typical adventure game stuff. Maybe.

K Station is available from Steam, at $14.99.

K Station Official Trailer