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More Steam Titles Incoming As Seventy-Five Slips Through Greenlight


Now this is an impressive batch. Well, mostly anyway, as it does contain a few… odd titles. But hey, You Have To Win The Game was FINALLY greenlit. Darn thing’s been gathering votes since December 2012, so suffice to say, it’s been a long time coming. And besides, with as many as 75 titles, there’s bound to be a couple misses. It’s unavoidable.

Among the (in my opinion) great ones are Dragon Fin Soup, Proven Lands and Mini Metro, the latter of which certainly brings a unique concept to the table. When was the last time you got to design a subway after all? No, not even the unbelievably amazing Transport Tycoon has subways, and neither does Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (yet?). Oh, and how about the crazy physics-based jello platformer The Floor is Jelly? Definitely some interesting picks in this batch. As always, my ‘you should keep an eye on these games’ recommendations can be found at the bottom of this article.

But while a Greenlight jailbreak of this scope is a joyous occasion, let’s not forget that a vast amount of games didn’t make it this time either. Curious as to which? Well, a handful of the more interesting submissions can be found among my Stuck In Greenlight Limbo picks; a list Goscurry is no longer part of, courtesy of this most recent batch. It’s just a matter of time for the rest, I’m sure. So how about visiting the rest before browsing the list of 75? Remember, your vote matters!