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‘Cedric and the Revolution’ – Fight the Power! Demand Lower Taxes! Point ‘n Click!

Cedric and the Revolution

No one likes taxes. No one. Alright, I suppose those who are making a fortune collecting them do, but everyone else? Heck no, and that goes double for Cedric, seeing how a recent tax increase means the local blacksmith can’t afford to hire him. Obviously, this won’t do, so Cedric decides to team up with his would-be employer for a demonstration… right in front of the castle! Because, what could possibly go wrong?

Everything, I’d say. Everything could go wrong, and everything probably will. But if that was not the case, Cedric and the Revolution would be a rather short adventure, ya know? Gathering enough people to host a proper demonstration is no simple task after all, and even less so, given the troubled inhabitants of this little seatown. Not that the taxes are to blame for most of everyone elses misery, although I’m sure it has something to do with it. Somehow. Somewhere.

Not only is the resident bartender almost too hammered to stand up straight, but there’s also a girl who’s having a shouting match with her hat. No, really. Oh and then there’s the trader who’s unwilling to pay taxes to unload his cargo, because for some reason, even the unloading of cargo is taxed here. Ah, guess taxes are to blame for some of their troubles after all! Better gather that crowd fast, and tell the king a thing or two about the local economy, eh?

Cedric and the Revolution

That said, I’d be very surprised if either Cedric or the nameless blacksmith actually doesn’t end up making a big mess instead, somehow. They don’t exactly strike me as the brightest bunch after all, and all things do point towards a rather comical outcome. As for exactly what, well… why don’t ya head on over to itch.io, grab a copy of Cedric and the Revolution and find out? Down with the king!